There was pressure from the first day of the appointment" - the Georgian ambassador to France resigned

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Ambassador of Georgia to France Thea Katukia resigned. The statement about this is spread by Katukia Facebook itself. Katukia was appointed the ambassador of Georgia to France in 2019. In the statement published today, he notes that political pressure was exerted on him from the very first day of his appointment.

"Dear compatriots, dear friends,

Today I am leaving the position of Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of France. On May 1, I submitted my resignation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, which became effective today, July 1.

I would like to thank the President of Georgia, Mrs. Salome Zurabishvili, for the trust she expressed in me in 2019 by presenting my candidacy for the position of ambassador.

For me, the mentioned position was connected only with great responsibility. During the fulfillment of the assigned mandate, my goal was to protect the interests of Georgia to the maximum, without political bias, and to bring our country closer to France and the European Union.

My decision to resign was preceded by constant pressure from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on me from the first day of my appointment to the position of ambassador.

Considering that I have spent the last 25 years in France and I have French citizenship, I did not think that my professional path abroad and my political impartiality would be unacceptable to the Georgian government.

From the very first day, I witnessed a number of serious violations and structural malfunctions in the embassy, ​​which significantly harmed the interests and image of the Georgian representation in France. I could never have imagined that I would have to perform the function in the context of constant abuse, slander, pressure, harassment and threats, which originates from deep-rooted clan and clientelistic practices in the system, which contradict the values ​​I uphold and the goals and aspirations I have for Georgia.

I deeply believe that the above-mentioned actions, which are unacceptable for a legal state, do not reflect the reality of Georgian society. The aspirations of our society are based on the values ​​of freedom and justice - those values ​​which are fundamental and indivisible for every citizen of Georgia, and which impose on us the obligation of unity and responsibility.

The mentioned situation did not prevent me from fulfilling the assigned mission, of course, at the cost of great personal efforts and under the conditions of significant limitation of activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During my mandate in Manila, I firmly continued to defend Georgia's European future with decision-makers in France. The mentioned mission was and is carrying a special load considering that today our country is at an important stage of history.

Today, the European future of our country and its democratic development depends solely on the political choice of the Georgian government. In this crucial context, significant staffing and structural problems, as I myself have witnessed and faced by the diplomatic service of Georgia, prevent the country from pursuing an effective foreign policy in response to the challenges facing us.If I leave the function of ambassador today, my eyes will not leave Georgia, even in the new professional stage, I will continue to take care of the country's political and democratic development and spare no effort to make Georgia's move towards the European Union and, in general, towards democratic, progressive and tolerant values, irreversible," the former ambassador said in a statement.

Georgian Dream elects Khobi municipal council member, expelled from Giorgi Gakharia's party, as Deputy Chairman of the council

Khobi municipal council member Nugzar Shushani, who was expelled from Giorgi Gakharia's party, has been elected Deputy Chairman of the municipal council by the Georgian Dream.As Berdia Sichinava, a member of the For Georgia party told InterPressNews, the decision was made at the Khobi municipal council session today."The party pursues a strict policy in relation to every such case. All those, who will be noticed in any form of bribery or cooperation with another political party, naturally, will be expelled from the party by our political council. As you can see, our information was confirmed the very next day. There will be no place for such people in our party," said Berdia Sichinava.According to him, the Government is actively persecuting the representatives of the For Georgia party, including members of the municipal councils."We can directly say that the Government is actively persecuting representatives of our political party, including members of the municipal councils. They use different methods. You know very well that the criminal world is directly involved in all this," said Berdia Sichinava.The For Georgia party stated yesterday that "Nugzar Shushania and Maka Chartia, members of the Khobi municipal council, who had been bribed and won over by the Dream, were expelled from the party. According to the party, Nugzar Shushania was promised the position of the Deputy Chairman of the municipal council.

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Georgia not to return to street and destabilization politics, Vice Speaker says

Georgia will never return to the street and destabilization politics. The government will do its best to continue democratic reforms,” said Parliament Vice Speaker Archil Talakvadze.Talakvadze said the radical opposition chooses street protest, while other opposition parties support European parliamentary result-oriented policies.Vice Speaker remarked on the statement of the Girchi-More Freedom party leader, Zurab Japaridze, who said that anti-government protests would resume from September.

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J&J to replace talc-based powder with cornstarch after cancer lawsuits

The announcement comes more than two years after the healthcare giant ended sales of the product in the US.J&J faces tens of thousands of lawsuits from women who allege its talcum powder contained asbestos and caused them to develop ovarian cancer.But the company reiterated its view that decades of independent research shows the product is safe to use."As part of a worldwide portfolio assessment, we have made the commercial decision to transition to an all cornstarch-based baby powder portfolio," it said in a statement.The firm added that cornstarch-based baby powder is already sold in countries around the world.

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Tourist infrastructure arranged in Dedoplistskaro

Villagio Eco Company arranged a tourist infrastructure in Mirzaani village of the Dedoplistskaro Municipality with the support of the Rural Development Program in Georgia.The hotel unites 10 wooden cottages with the investment in the amount of over 225 thousand GEL and with co-financing of the program with 170 thousand GEL. Thirteen locals are employed at the hotel.The grant program was initiated by the EU and UNDP and ran in partnership with the Rural Development Agency of Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.The program financed 76 projects in Keda, Kholo, Borjomi, Akhalkalaki, Tetritskaro, Kazbegi and Dedoplistskaro Municipalities.

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Irakli Gharibashvili congratulates the citizens of Didgori

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, congratulates the citizens of Didgori.According to the head of the government, the heritage of Didgori determines our national self-awareness and belief that by standing together as a nation and a monk, with love for the country, and loyalty to the values ​​of freedom and independence, we will be able to overcome the challenges of the country and make the country whole."Congratulations to Didgori - Victory Day of Georgians! "Mighty Sakvirveli" is a symbol of Georgia's strength, unity, struggle for the motherland and dedication. Over the centuries, the heritage of Didgori has determined our national self-awareness and belief that by standing together as a nation and a monk, with love for the country, and loyalty to the values ​​of freedom and independence, we will be able to overcome all challenges, smooth the country and achieve our historical goals. I wish consolidation, strengthening and progress to our homeland!", the Prime Minister's statement said.

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Donald Trump does not oppose US bid to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant

In a statement, Mr Trump said he was encouraging its "immediate release" - but repeated his claim the search was unnecessary and politically motivated.The US Department of Justice has made a rare request to a Florida court to unseal the warrant.If granted, it would mean the documents are made available to the public.And it could confirm the reason for Monday's search of Mr Trump's Florida home - something that the justice department has not yet revealed.The FBI search is believed to be connected to an investigation into whether the former president removed classified records and sensitive material from the White House.

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